Whether you are looking for a

college rental or a family home,

our property management professionals can help.

           Lakeway Realty has been Whatcom County's property management professionals since 1980.

Lakeway Realty‚Äôs LOBBY is CLOSED 
Rent can still be paid on-line, or you can mail it to Lakeway Realty 3547 Lakeway Drive Bellingham, WA 98229 or slide under the door and Lakeway Realty will mail you a receipt. If you are going to have trouble with your rent please send Lakeway Realty an email with your name and address to info@lakewayrentals.com 

All LATE FEES  will be forgiven.

You can still call (360) 733-4009 for assistants

For emergencies call Cheri at (360) 510-8506

You can also email Lakeway Realty at info@lakewayrentals.com

All maintenance orders can be emailed to maintenance@lakewayrentals.com

3547 Lakeway Dr. | Bellingham, WA 98229 | p: 360.733.4009 | f: 360.733.4513